How To Measure For Net Curtains

Measuring for net curtains involves taking two measurements on your window. The Width and the Drop. We recommend using a metal measuring tape for accurate measurements and to measure twice so no mistakes are made.


The Width

To measure the width of your window for your net curtain, simply measure the inside of your window recess from wall to wall. Once you have this measurement times the measurement by 2 to give the optimal gather to your net curtain.


e.g. If your window width is 1.5m you would need 3m width of net curtain to cover the window.


The Drop

To measure for the drop / length of your net curtain you would measure from the top of the window recess to the window sill or ledge. This will give you your Drop size. We stock the following drop sizes in net curtains. If your window is between sizes you may need to get the next size up altered by a tailor but you can contact us for advice.


Standard Net Curtain Drops

 91cm / 36″

102cm / 40″

107cm / 42″

114cm / 45″

122cm / 48″

137cm / 54"

152cm / 60″

160cm / 63″

183cm / 72″

206cm / 81″

229cm / 90″


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