3 Pass Tape Top Ready Made Blackout Curtain Lining

Size Price: 46" Wide x 54" Drop (£15.00)
Sale price£15.00
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Struggling with light waking you in the morning or when your trying to get to sleep, but love your curtains? These linings are the perfect answer to your needs. Designed to fit behind ready made curtains, with a coated fabric that will block all light, these will help you upgrade your curtains. Simply hang these from the back of your existing pencil pleat curtains and you're done!
They come with a 3" Pencil Pleat Tape heading.

Colour: White

Attaches to Reverse of Pencil Pleat Curtains

Curtains are priced as a pair.

Sizes show the width first and the drop second and show the size in both inches and centimeters for your convenience.

e.g. 46"x54" (117x137cm) = 46" width x 54" drop

This is the size of each curtain and you get two in the pack for the same look as in the picture.

Sizes stated are what will fit behind your curtain. The actual curtain tends to be approx 3" shorter so it does't show past the curtain it is lining.

Composition : 100% Polyester.
Thermal Blackout 3 Pass Lining With tape heading.

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