Balmoral Stag Design Net Curtains

Balmoral Drop Price: 137cm (54")
Width: 1.5 metres
Sale price£4.87
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Elevate your interiors with the regal grace of our latest Balmoral net curtains, where timeless design meets contemporary charm. Each curtain features an exquisite motif of a majestic stag head, symbolizing strength and beauty. This single, repeating pattern is not only a nod to classic elegance but also a perfect blend of modern minimalism and nature's splendor.

Crafted with precision, our Balmoral curtains provide a delicate veil of privacy while allowing natural light to whisper through. The serene silhouette of the stag brings a tranquil yet commanding presence to any room, making these curtains an ideal choice for those who appreciate both art and understated luxury.

Enhance your space with the Balmoral, where design meets purpose.

The sample is a 36" drop and approx 50cm width.  You can only order 1 per customer per design and comes with free shipping when purchased 

The price is for 1 metre, if you need two metres enter 2 in the quantity box etc. (sorry but we can't accept partial metres 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc...)

Quantity 1 = 1 metre width
Quantity 2 = 2 metres width (comes as one piece)
Quantity 3 = 3 metres width (comes as one piece)

When measuring your window width 2x gather is recommended for the ideal look (as seen in pictures). So if your window width is 2 metres enter 4 in the quantity box for 4 metres.

Please note that orders will be sent as one piece so if you would like it cut into different sizes please let us know in the comments box at checkout.

Sizes Available (Please note that if the drop size isn't shown in the drop down menu it's because that size is out of stock)

Drop Sizes

CM / Inches

91cm / 36"
102cm / 40"
114cm / 45"
122cm /
137cm / 54"
152cm / 60"
160cm / 63"
183cm / 72"
206cm / 81"
229cm / 90"

Due to the nature of how net curtains are made (hand machined) and the type of material they are made from sizes are approximate and a 2% tolerance is adhered to as advised by the manufacturer.
Lead Weight for a perfect hanging. Slot Top for Narrow Pole, Net Rod or Wire Ready to Hang

We cut the fabric from a roll, so the Sides are unfinished. We use a professional blade, so the cut is straight, and the sides won’t fray.

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