Lisa Net Curtains

Lisa Drop Price: 137cm (54")
Width: 1.5m
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Elegant trailing leaf design with a modern straight base.
The sample is a 36" drop and approx 50cm width.  You can only order 1 per customer per design and comes with free shipping when purchased on its own.

Drop Sizes

CM / Inches

91cm / 36"
102cm / 40"
114cm / 45"
122cm /
137cm / 54"
152cm / 60"
160cm / 63"
183cm / 72"
206cm / 81"
229cm / 90"

Due to the nature of how net curtains are made (hand machined) and the type of material they are made from sizes are approximate and a 2% tolerance is adhered to as advised by the manufacturer.

Straight Modern Base. Slot Top for Narrow Pole, Net Rod or Wire Ready to Hang
Please note that orders will be sent as one piece so if you would like it cut into different sizes please let us know. 
We cut the fabric from a roll, so the Sides are unfinished. We use a professional blade, so the cut is straight, and the sides won’t fray.

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