Night Sky Zodiac Blockout Eyelet Curtains - (Blue)

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Night Sky Size Price: 46" Wide x 72" Drop (£18.00)
Sale price£18.00


These Exceptional Quality Thermal Blockout Eyelet Curtains are made using a single layer of fabric which has a supersoft touch. They have a Night Sky Zodiac print design suited for bed rooms or living areas where you want to make a statement. This single layer has a thermal interwoven lining reducing the need for a separate lining which provides insulation reducing heat loss and reducing light (90% Blackout).

e.g. 46"x54" (117x137cm) = 46" width x 54" drop
This is the size of each curtain and you get two in the pack for the same look as in the picture.

Please note that computer monitors can vary so your monitor may show the colour slightly differently.

Composition : 100% Polyester.

Thermal Blockout With Eyelet heading.

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