Sparkle Sequin Eyelet Voile Panel (Lime)

Sparkle Size Price: 58" Width x 54" Drop (£8.00)
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Sparkle Sequin Eyelet Voile Panel (Lime)

Our Sparkle sequin voile curtain is a beautiful glitzy curtain. The soft woven voile is complemented by a bling sparkly sequin band at the top of the curtain. The sparkly sequin adds a touch of glitz and will show that it's not only your personality that sparkles but also your home decor.

The price is for 1 panel. If you need a pair please purchase 2.

58" Width x 54" Drop (148cm x 137cm)
58" Width x 72" Drop (148cm x 183cm)
58" Width x 90" Drop (148cm x 229cm)
58" Width x 108" Drop (148cm x 274cm)
58" Width x 118" Drop (148cm x 300cm)

The panels are unlined.

Each panel is 148cm wide approx.Eyelets are standard size and have a 4cm diameter hole. We recommend using a 28mm diameter pole but anything from a 16mm - 32mm will be suitable

These voiles are suitable for a pole, rod or wire.

Composition - Curtain: 100% Polyester.

Brand - John Aird Curtain Heading - Slot Top Curtain Type - Lime Voile With Silver Sequin

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